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This case was awarded first place in the INFORMS 2011 case competition. A seasoned Internet retailing entrepreneur considers starting a national floral delivery service to compete with the major U.S. players. Decisions include whether to open a production facility in a single city and begin to deliver there? Which strategy should he use to decide?a premium or a discounted strategy? Ideal for MBA and undergraduate students in decision analysis modules or courses, this case offers an optional student spreadsheet useful for considering different strategies and calculating the resulting net present value of the opportunity. A B case with a spreadsheet is also available.
Case Number: QA-0754
Author: Bodily, Samuel E.
Ovchinnikov, Anton S.
Type: Case
Length: 5 pages.
Learning Objectives: - use business analytics (Excel models and Monte Carlo simulation) to analyze the economics of a new business venture - gain familiarity with the analysis of online advertising strategies - gain experience adding uncertainty to an Excel spreadsheet and setting up and running a Monte Carlo simulation - make and optimize a downstream decision using the Monte Carlo simulation - provide relevant recommendations to the management of a start-up about how to initiate this business and how to proactively manage it as it grows
Category: Quantitative Analysis
Version: 2.0
Published: 10/01/10
Revision Date: 08/11/15
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