Husk Power Systems: Scaling Up a Start-Up

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Husk Power Systems (HPS) provides technologies that generate and distribute electrical power to rural villages in India. Since 2007, HPS has installed 60 mini power plants that power 25,000 households in more than 250 villages, impacting the lives of approximately 150,000 people in rural India. This case details the operational and strategic challenges associated with scaling up HPS, and provides details related to technology development, suppliers, operational capabilities, costs, and market adoption.
Case Number: OM-1415
Author: Chao, Raul O.
Sinha, Manoj
Type: Case
Author: Goldberg, Rebecca
Length: 11 pages.
Category: Environment and Sustainability
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
International Business
Technology and Innovation Management
Aggregate Planning
Industry: Energy
Published: 10/11/11
Revision Date: 03/15/12
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