Innovation Strategy at Microsoft: Clouds on the Horizon

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Microsoft employs 90,000 people and its products affect millions of users around the world every day. Developing the next version of Windows or Office is easy for Microsoft, but the company has struggled when it comes to more radical innovation. Intense competition from Google, Apple, and others threatens a business model that has delivered tremendous success over 25 years. This case highlights the strategic challenges facing Microsoft and provides insights into the organizational, leadership, and operational issues that must be addressed in order to define a successful innovation strategy at one of the world's most well-known companies.
Case Number: OM-1387
Author: Chao, Raul O.
Kavadias, Stylianos (Stelios)
Type: Case
Length: 19 pages.
Published: 06/16/11
Category: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Operations Management
Technology and Innovation Management
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