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Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Authors: Raz, Gal

Picture of Introduction to Supply Chain Management
This note provides an introduction to supply chain management. The note examines the fundamentals of supply chain management and provides a framework for choosing the right supply chain to fit the product a company is making and the environment it is in. Using examples of companies such as P&G, Dell, Zara, Seven Eleven Japan (SEJ) the note describes how a successful supply chain strategy can provide companies with increased market share, reduced costs, and improved customer service. The note can be used as an introduction reading for courses focusing on supply chain management or in operations management courses that include a supply chain module.
Case Number: OM-1370
Author: Raz, Gal
Type: Case
Length: 10 pages.
Category: Operations Management
Best Practices
Supply Chain Management
Version: 1.0
Industry: N/A
Published: 01/12/09
Revision Date: 12/02/11
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