Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc.: Designing a Supply Chain Network

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Supply chain network design choices and the challenges in implementing and understanding how alternatives influence firm performance are key management skills that can be applied to the case of a global company, Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (K&S), and its expansion strategy. Suitable for the MBA, EMBA, GMBA, and executive education programs, the case explores the decision to expand the company's tool bonding capacity in order to manage its growth. The question becomes whether to grow current operations in Yokneam Israel or seek alternative sites. And if it was decided to seek a location outside of Israel, where exactly should the company go?
Case Number: OM-1406
Author: Yemen, Gerry
Raz, Gal
Davidson, Martin N.
Type: Case
Length: 14 pages.
Learning Objectives: 1. Understand the role of network design in supply chain[RETURN]2. Identify factors influencing supply chain network design decisions[RETURN]3. Analyze economic/financial consequences of different supply chain options[RETURN]4. Develop a framework for making effective supply chain design decisions. [RETURN]
Category: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Operations Management
Operations Planning
Operations Strategy
Supply Chain Management
Version: 1.0
Published: 08/30/10
Revision Date: 03/28/13
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