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Recommended for MBAs, this case is one of a pair of cases used in a merger negotiation exercise. It is designed to be used with "Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company" (UVA-F-1607), but it can also be used on its own. Half of the class prepares only the Wrigley case and the other half uses the Mars case. Wrigley and Mars are in the process of negotiating a merger agreement. Macroeconomic assumptions?particularly forecasting future sugar prices in an uncertain environment?and assumptions about Wrigley's value make Wrigley's future cash flows difficult to predict.
Case Number: F-1612
Author: Loutskina, Elena
Shapovalov, George
Type: Case
Length: 24 pages.
Learning Objectives: Students consider strategic issues, valuation issues, and negotiation strategies in their preparation and class discussion.
Category: Finance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Version: 2.0
Published: 03/24/10
Revision Date: 02/13/15
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