R&D Project Selection at NorthBancTec Inc.

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Suitable as an assignment or as an exam case, this short case is effective in illustrating the use of linear and integer programming in an assignment problem, wrapped around R&D project selection in a global IT firm. A twist in the case requires the use of binary variables to implement certain logical conditions on which projects can be undertaken by which project teams. The case is suitable for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses or modules on optimization, decision models, management science and the like, both for class discussion and as a part of assignment or exam. A spreadsheet is available to enhance student learning.
Case Number: QA-0762
Author: Ovchinnikov, Anton S.
Type: Case
Length: 2 pages.
Learning Objectives: This case assists students in learning to -Enhance the ability to improve managerial decision making using optimization models, e.g., using Solver -Apply optimization tools (linear and integer programming, e.g., with Solver) to optimize assignment problems and project selection specifically. -Be able to recognize the underlying assignment problem in a business situation -Incorporate logical conditions in the optimization model, specifically using binary variables
Published: 02/24/11
Revision Date: 06/14/11
Category: Quantitative Analysis
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