Sandvik Coromant Recycling Concept

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Lars Hallberg is preparing for a meeting with the executive management of Sandvik Tooling, a world leader in metal cutting tools. The purpose of the meeting is to review the Coromant Recycling Concept (CRC), a global recycling program for Coromant, the leading brand of Sandvik Tooling. The case is an opportunity to evaluate a global recycling program, including its value to the company from business and environmental perspective, the match between the reverse and forward supply chain as well as decisions regarding keeping recycling in house or outsourcing it.
Case Number: OM-1407
Type: Case
Author: Schlosser, Michel
Length: 19 pages.
Category: Environment and Sustainability
Environmental Management
Operations Strategy
Supply Chain Management
Published: 03/01/10
Revision Date: 11/21/11
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