Wells Fargo: Solar Energy for Los Angeles Branches (A)

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In the first case of a two-part series, a strategic finance manager at Wells Fargo with experience installing solar panel systems on bank branches crunches the numbers for a similar project in the Los Angeles area given the uncertain future of a government rebate.
Case Number: QA-0800
Author: Ovchinnikov, Anton S.
Hvaleva, Anastasiya
Type: Case
Length: 7 pages.
Category: Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Entrepreneurial Decision Making
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurial Strategy
Leading Innovation
Environment and Sustainability
Climate Change
Environmental Certification Systems
Environmental Entrepreneurship
Socially Responsible Investing
Corporate Responsibility
Quantitative Analysis
Version: 2.0
Published: 10/22/12
Revision Date: 10/28/14
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